The Passion for God’s People | Mark Tiefel

Mark Tiefel

The Passion for God’s People

In 2024, Lutherans observe the 300th anniversary of Bach’s St. John’s Passion, both a musical masterpiece and a remarkable example of creative worship. Throughout the three centuries that followed its publication, preachers and worship planners have sought creative ways to bring Jesus’ death to life in their celebrations of Lent and Holy Week. This session will draw on historical perspectives and offer practical ideas to help people get to the heart of Jesus’ passion.

Bio | Mark Tiefel

Pastor Tiefel serves at Emanuel, New London, Wis., and is worship coordinator of the WELS Northern Wisconsin District. He previously served in Houston, Texas, and as worship coordinator of the WELS South Central District. He was a member of the hymnal committee and has contributed to past worship conferences in service design and presentations on the practical history of worship.