Invitational Worship | Eric Roecker

Eric Roecker

Invitational Worship: Designing Worship That Encourages Invitation Evangelism

While it is true that far fewer Americans are shopping for a church home, it is also true that most unchurched people say they would be likely to accept an invitation from a friend or relative to attend worship with them. What an opportunity to connect lost souls to the gospel! How can we design our worship so that it is biblically and confessionally sound while at the same time being accessible to the guests our members bring? How can we design our worship so our members are eager and excited to ask their unchurched friends and neighbors to join them on Sunday morning?

Bio | Eric Roecker

Rev. Roecker is a 1998 graduate of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. Upon graduation, he was assigned to serve Resurrection in Virginia Beach, Va., where he served until 2013. While in Virginia, he served as the adult discipleship coordinator for the North Atlantic District and later as the district’s second vice president. In 2013 he moved to Menomonee Falls, Wis., to serve at Pilgrim. In 2018 he began serving as the director of the WELS Commission on Evangelism.