Christian Worship: Foundations | Jon Zabell

Jon Zabell

Putting Christian Worship: Foundations to Work

Commissioned in connection with our hymnal project, Christian Worship: Foundations offers 19 chapters by eight WELS pastors on topics such as music, art, liturgy, creativity, and outreach. Special attention is given to discussing the features of our new hymnal’s orders of service. This workshop will introduce participants to Foundations and offer resources for studying and discussing it in their local settings. In connection with this volume, Prof. James Tiefel writes: “I’ve now read Foundations twice, once quickly and once slowly. I am amazed again and again how excellent this book is! I wish I had owned it before I started teaching at the seminary!”


Bio | Jon Zabell

Pastor Zabell chaired the executive committee of the WELS Hymnal Project and served as managing editor for Christian Worship: Foundations. From 2011–2023 he chaired the WELS Commission on Worship. Jon and his wife, Julie, live in Green Bay, Wis., where he serves as pastor at St. Paul and first vice president of the Northern Wisconsin District.