Seeking . . . Being Shadowed | Paul Burmeister

Paul Burmeister

Seeking One Thing While Being Shadowed by Another

Using a framework of “the sublime and the shabby,” this presentation will explore how we think about things such as excellence and faithfulness, and high and low (in forms and expressions of culture, such as art), and about their possible applications to church-life and faith-life. The presenter will propose that we ought to be careful about the words we use and that we ought to avoid setting up false choices. Drawing upon his experiences and expertise in higher education and as a visual artist and lifelong active WELS member, the presenter will center his ideas in the doctrine of vocation.

Bio | Paul Burmeister

Prof. Burmeister is a published artist and writer. His acrylic paintings are exhibited regionally, and his writing on aspects of Christian vocation is published in a variety of settings. He has 25 years’ experience as a professor and administrator in higher education, and he has worked in the field of graphic design for many years. He has been involved in a number of church design projects connected to WELS and ELS.