Paraments, Vestments | Sara Nordling

Paraments, Vestments, and Textile Art for the Worship Space

The design and creation of textiles used in the church is an involved process. In this sectional you will learn how Sara Nordling designs her paraments and vestments considering not only the theological implication but the specific site where the item will be used. The presentation will enlighten those who haven’t thought about ecclesiastical textiles, inform everyone of what’s involved, and perhaps inspire others to get involved in creating works of art for the church.

Bio | Sara Nordling

Sara is a lifelong Lutheran currently living in Fort Wayne, Ind. She is a rostered deaconess in the LCMS and has an MFA in studio art/textiles from Indiana University. Sara teaches art, weaves, and works on commissions for ecclesiastical textiles. Her art and textiles work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally, and her commissioned work is in homes and churches around the globe.