A Defense of the Unique | John Bergmeier

A Defense of the Unique in Christian Art

What does the gospel look like? Is it an image of Jesus holding a lamb or a depiction of his crucifixion? Is the only avenue for devotional art a painting such as the Warner Sallman standard? This session shows how the message of the gospel can be expressed in many forms to serve the church’s purpose—both to do mission work among unbelievers and to educate and edify believers. We will look at some unique visual concepts that perhaps don’t fit into the traditional format of Christian visual arts but should still be valued for communicating the gospel.


Bio | John Bergmeier

John received a BA in studio arts from Hastings College in Nebraska and an MFA in printmaking and drawing from Wichita State University in Kansas. He has worked as a commercial designer and design manager since 1992 and has continued to create artwork throughout this time in his home studios. He has exhibited internationally and has also taught studio art and graphic design classes at various colleges.