Eight Enduring Lessons | Jacob Behnken

Jacob Behnken

Eight Enduring Lessons from the Achtliederbuch

In 1524, Martin Luther and fellow hymn writer Paul Speratus curated a collection of eight hymns and published the first Lutheran hymnal. To the chagrin of the Reformation’s enemies, the “Achtliederbuch” was a great success and helped to spread the gospel throughout Europe. As Lutherans continue to publish and cherish their hymnals, what lessons can we learn from the first Lutheran hymnal? This session will explore what the Achtliederbuch can still teach us five centuries later.

Bio | Jacob Behnken

Prof. Behnken graduated from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in 2012 and serves as the dean of chapel and a professor of music at Martin Luther College. In addition to his training as a pastor, he is an accomplished organist, having done graduate study at Central Michigan University. He is a member of the Commission on Worship.