Liturgy Myths and Truths | Michael Berg

Michael Berg

Myths and Truths About Liturgical Worship: Enriching Love of the Liturgy

This session will explore the benefits of liturgical worship. Leaving behind tired arguments that offer misleading dichotomies (e.g., liturgical vs. non-liturgical), we will discover that liturgically thoughtful worship addresses profound questions that all humans ask regardless of their background: Who are we? Who is God? Does the spiritual interact with the physical? How shall we live? Ultimately it asks and answers this question: How can we stand before the Almighty without being blown away? Liturgical worship is iconoclastic in this way. It shatters the images we have of God and ourselves and confronts us with a truly Christocentric message.



Bio | Michael Berg

Rev. Dr. Berg is associate professor of theology at Wisconsin Lutheran College where he teaches courses on worship, apologetics, Martin Luther, Christ in the Old Testament, and Christ and Culture. He is the author of Vocation: The Setting for Human Flourishing (1517), The Baptismal Life (NPH), On Any Given Sunday: The Story of Christ in the Divine Service (1517), and a forthcoming book from NPH called Peter: Theologian of the Cross.