The Art of Preaching | Phil Huebner

Phil Huebner

The Art of Preaching

Just as applying law and gospel to someone’s life is an art, so also is the public proclamation of both in a sermon. Sermons come in many different forms and styles: short, long, or really long; deductive or inductive; exegetical, isagogical, and pedagogical components. At the same time, sermons can also be read or memorized, inspirational or boring, rote and redundant, or thoughtful and creative. How does a pastor avoid common pitfalls and continue to keep his preaching styles and forms fresh? This workshop will 1) review some basics of sermon writing and preaching, 2) explore stylistic options a pastor might employ, and 3) equip pastors with tools to assist with continual growth in the art of preaching. While the primary audience of the workshop is pastors, those who listen to preaching will be edified as well.

Bio | Phil Huebner

Rev. Dr. Huebner was assigned from the seminary to start a new mission church in Palm Coast, Fla., where he served for nine years. Since 2016 he has served as the campus pastor at Wisconsin Lutheran High School. He received a second master’s degree from our seminary in 2016 and a doctorate in ministry in missions and culture in 2019 from Concordia Theological Seminary. His entire ministry to date has seen emphases in outreach, children, teens, and families.