Embracing . . . Conducting | Jonathan Laabs

Jonathan Laabs

Embracing the Imposter: An Interactive Conducting Workshop

Session 1: Understanding Your Role: Discussion and Conducting Basics

Many of us are asked to lead musical ensembles in our various congregation or educational settings, often taking on the role of conductor. However, the vulnerability of this position can evoke a sense of self-consciousness, inadequacy, and “imposter syndrome.” This first part of a two-part session seeks to build knowledge and confidence for conductors of all abilities through an interactive discussion, demonstration, and review of the basics of conducting skills and philosophy.


Session 2: Embracing Your Role: Conducting Masterclass

In part two of this session, participants will have the opportunity to experience firsthand a demonstration of ideas and concepts previously discussed as selected conductors work with the session attendees in leading various choral anthems. Prof. Laabs will coach, mediate, and answer questions from both the participating conductors and attendees.

When registering, sign up for both sessions on Thursday afternoon.

Bio | Jonathan Laabs

Prof. Laabs currently serves as professor of music and music division chairman at Martin Luther College in New Ulm, Minn., where he conducts the College Chorale and Women’s Choir and teaches courses in conducting, choral repertoire, and aural theory. In addition, he is currently the artistic director and conductor of Canticum Novum. Prof. Laabs has worked with ensembles of all levels, including elementary, parish, high school, collegiate, and professional.