Children and Teens | Phil Huebner

Phil Huebner

Children and Teens in Worship

What to do with children and teens in worship? Just let them learn through experience? Offer a separate teen service or children’s church down the hallway? Include them in worship? Feature them? Leave it to the parents to figure it out? This workshop, not only for parents but for all who care about children and teens, will address generational and statistical changes in worship along with how real parents, teens, and children actually view worship today. The workshop will seek to use a biblical foundation that applies historical precedent and wisdom to modern situations and contexts. It will also give suggestions for incorporating children and teens in worship, addressing them in sermons, and connecting worship with the homes. The goal will be to build up children and teens into the body of Christ as lifelong Christian worshipers.



Bio | Phil Huebner

Rev. Dr. Huebner was assigned from the seminary to start a new mission church in Palm Coast, Fla., where he served for nine years. Since 2016 he has served as the campus pastor at Wisconsin Lutheran High School. He received a second master’s degree from our seminary in 2016 and a doctorate in ministry in missions and culture in 2019 from Concordia Theological Seminary. His entire ministry to date has seen emphases in outreach, children, teens, and families.