21st-Century Preaching | Caleb Kurbis

Caleb Kurbis

21st-Century Preaching in a Mission/Outreach Setting

Do you think it’s getting easier to preach? Listeners are living frenetic lives inundated with news and distracted by the noise. Parishioners and prospects recall more about recent social media feeds than the lives of Abraham or Moses and teachings of Jesus—and all of this in a post-Christian culture that breeds apathy, skepticism, and anti-institutionalism (read “anti-church”). Does today’s preacher need to be a perfect combination of scriptural and societal exegete, apologist, compelling communicator, and winsome storyteller all in one? That wouldn’t hurt. But is that realistic or even necessary? Whether your ministry setting is best described as “mission” or “traditional” or “diverse” or “visitor-friendly” or whatever, this presentation will explore how God has given us exactly what we need to reach the products of these modern times.

Bio | Caleb Kurbis

Since 2011 Pastor Kurbis has served at Living Savior in Asheville, N.C. In 2017 Living Savior started a second location in Hendersonville as one church in two locations. God continues to provide many visitors and opportunities to reach people who come from all backgrounds. This quickly growing population is an eclectic mix of traditional Southern, weird hippie, skeptical transplant, culturally diverse, and professional meets blue collar. Caleb also serves as circuit pastor and coordinator for the South Atlantic District Discipleship Committee.