The Modern Hymn Movement | Aaron Christie

Aaron Christie

The Modern Hymn Movement: Impact in America, Implications for Lutherans

Christian Worship 2021 includes about 70 modern hymns by names like Getty, Kauflin, Boswell, Papa, Townend. Many of these are as widely sung as some of an earlier generation’s “Christian contemporary” songs, but they are often superior in several respects: depth of content, breadth of themes, more singable by the assembly than soloistic songs. It’s also noteworthy that the huge conferences sponsored by Getty Music don’t use only modern repertoire but also traditional hymns, sometimes with a modern ensemble but also sung a cappella in harmony. This session will explore some of the modern hymns and how they found a place in CW21 (noting also the kinds of songs that did not make the cut—and why) and how both modern and traditional hymns can best serve our churches.

Bio | Aaron Christie

Prof. Christie is dean of chapel and professor of worship and homiletics at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. He previously served churches in Antioch, Ill., and Waukesha, Wis. He holds a Master of Church Music degree from Concordia University Wisconsin. He has served the church at large as a presenter for Schools of Worship Enrichment, a member of the Commission on Worship and the Institute for Worship and Outreach, and chairman of the hymns committee for Christian Worship.